Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greek Salad...Opppa

Greek Salad.

This is how we do it, do it.

Buy some tomatoes or pluck them from your garden.
Cut them up into bit size pieces. I used cherry tomatoes and cut them in half...along with a little left over tomato.
Get a nice big cucumber. Cut it in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.
Then cut your cuke into bit size pieces.
Take an onion and cut it into reasonable pieces and toss those into your bowl.
I used one half of a baseball sized sweet onion.

Let's see. Oh yes. Open your jar of kalamata olives. Use between 1/3 and 1/2 of the jar. Grab them with your fingers and start slicing them in half. Get the olives without the pit.

Drizzle some olive juice into the bowl with the veggies.
I like salty stuff.

Now, pour some very good olive oil into the bowl.
If you have a lemon cut it in half and squirt lemon in there too.
If you don't have a lemon use vinegar. Red wine is best.

Sprinkle salt and grind pepper and pinch a big pinch of oregano next.

Stir it together. Wait a minute. Taste.

Add more olive oil, lemon/vinegar/olive juice, or whatever you think it needs.

I always add more 'dressing'. I love wet food.

Now don't forget the the feta cheese. I buy the traditional, crumbled kind from the grocery store.
Use the whole container if you want. I do.

(I think if the feta was as strong as it was when I was a little girl, I would not use very much, but feta from the grocery store is very mild.)

Adjust seasonings until it tastes fabulous.

Eat as much of this as you want. It is very very good for you.